As the oldest two-year college in the nation, the Edwards Louisburg College Archives contains a collection of materials including photographs, college publications, correspondence and artifacts that illustrate the rich and unique history of Louisburg College. The Edwards Archives, which is located in the Cecil W. Robbins Library, was dedicated on April 28, 2012, in honor of alumnus Doug Edwards '53. It is the only repository for material that documents the history of Louisburg College and its administration, faculty, staff, and alumni over the past 150 years of Louisburg‘s 225-year history as an educational institution.


The Edwards Louisburg College Archives are closed archives.

The Archives Project

In 2007, the college librarians agreed that a significant amount of work needed to be done in the Archives. Materials needed to be better organized and indexed for easier access as well as for future digitization. Preservation of the collection was also a concern. The Archives was located in an area of the library that was subject to water leakage, and the collection would have to be physically relocated. In August of 2007, the library asked the Louisburg College Golden Anniversary Club to consider raising funds for the College Archives. The Golden Anniversary Club is composed of college alumni who graduated from Louisburg College over 50 years ago. The GAC agreed on the importance of preserving the collection, and the Archives Project was born.

In October 2007, the librarians attended the Archival Bootcamp workshop taught by Matt Turi and Jackie Dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Acting as co-consultants for the library, Turi and Dean visited Louisburg‘s archives and advised the librarians on how to better organize the collection by creating searchable spreadsheets of holdings. In March 2007, a photography spreadsheet was created. Librarians and a volunteer began scanning the thousands of photographs in the Archives. A separate spreadsheet was created for textual materials and artifacts. Materials were boxed, labeled and added to the spreadsheet. Five years later, this work continues with much still to be done.

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