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Brittany Hunt

I am an English major who loves numbers.
I am the first in my family to go to college.
I collect dolls and characters from fairy tales.
People think I’m really quiet -- until they get to know me.
I have finished the first draft of a novel.
I am Louisburg.
-- Brittany Hunt, ‘10
Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Louisburg College

Anthony Holley

I love learning how the mind works.
I want to be a neurosurgeon or a psychiatrist.
I am starting a business creating an app for college students.
I enjoy playing lacrosse, video games and reading quirky stuff.
I am good at math and multi-tasking.
I am Louisburg.
-- Anthony Holley, ‘18

Dawn Robinson

I am a wife and mother with two grown daughters.
I make delicious fried chicken and cream cheese five-flavor pound cake.
I am passionate about working with young people.
I grew up in New York City and still pull for the Giants and Jets.
I stay on top of things.
I am Louisburg.
-- Dawn Robinson, Vice President of Finance, Accounting Professor, Louisburg College

Liea Mclaughlin

I am a cheerleader.
I don’t dwell on negative things.
I love theater and reading romantic plays.
I want to be a psychiatric nurse.
I am not afraid of anything.
I am Louisburg.
-- Liea Mclaughlin, ‘18

Abigail Morris

I am a first-generation college student.
I love running. And horses.
I am honest, and I get along with everybody.
I am an only child.
I want to be a dental hygienist.
I am Louisburg.
-- Abigail Morris, ‘17

Stephanie Flores

I am a runner.
I love all Mexican food.
I am outspoken.
I am the first in my family to go to college.
I want to be a registered nurse.
I am Louisburg.
-- Stephanie Flores, ‘18

Nikal and Jamie Clarke

I am from Toronto.
I play soccer.
I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in three minutes.
I am Louisburg.
-- Nikal Clarke, ‘18

I am from England.
I play soccer.
I love my teammates.
I am not used to Southern cooking.
I am Louisburg.
-- Jamie Clark, ‘18

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Cultural Arts

Tar River Center
for History and Culture

Bailey Yarborough House

Promoting the history of the Upper Tar River Basin

DeHart Botanical Gardens

De Hart Botanical Gardens

The DeHart Botanical Gardens are an ecological laboratory


Jones Performing Arts Center

The Jones Performing Arts Center showcases renowned artists from around the world

Norris Theatre

Norris Theatre

Featuring performances by students and the community

Art Shows & Galleries

Student Painting

Visiting artists & students on display

Music Program


Featuring student pep band, drumline and chorus ensembles

Giving to Louisburg

Ashley Williams

Our Donors Play a Vital Role in the Success of Our Students

Louisburg College helped me learn how to make the connections that are needed to succeed.
Ashley Williams '12

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