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Program Details

Course Requirements

Honors Program students should complete 12 hours of honors coursework during their four semesters at Louisburg College. The 12 hours will be earned through honors-designated courses and honors-option courses. At least one honors-designated course will be offered each semester and will be reserved for honors students. In addition to honors-designated courses, students also have the opportunity to create honors-option courses by working individually with their professors to create an enhanced learning environment. Students should earn no less than a "B" in any honors course and they must maintain an overall grade point average of a 3.0 to participate in the program.

Experiential Learning Expectations

A well-rounded student participates in the full college experience by taking advantage of learning and social activities outside of the classroom. The Honors Program offers enhanced travel and cultural opportunities to its students. Honors Program students will participate in and lead a number of activities throughout their time at Louisburg College. A minimum number of activities will be required for students participating in the program.

Service Learning

During their second year, Honors Program students will complete a service learning project that will be facilitated by the program director. Students will have an opportunity to work in groups to serve the local community and to develop their leadership skills in a constructive and meaningful way.