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Each year the Louisburg College Alumni Association presents special awards to alumni and community leaders in recognition of their professional accomplishments and/or service and dedication to the college.

If you know a deserving alum or community leader who meets the criteria for the awards listed below please submit a nomination form to the Office of Alumni and Annual Giving. Your nominee will be considered for the next round of alumni awards that are presented during the annual fall Alumni Weekend on campus.

The Cecil W. Robbins Public Service Award
est. in 1997 in honor of President Emeritus, Dr. Cecil W. Robbins

This award, presented during Alumni Weekend, honors an alum or member of the community who has shown exceptional dedication to Louisburg College by contributing outstanding and meaningful service to the College. The individual is selected based on his/her contributions of time, effort, and/or commitment, and for enriching the mission and standing of Louisburg College.

Past recipients are:

1997: C. Ray Pruette

1998: Grady Snyder '50

1999: Charles M. Davis

2001: Lucy Allen and Ed Brown

2002: Frances Boyette Dickson '35

2003: B.B. Pruitt

2004: Anne Edens Pickard '57

2005: Tom Walden

2006: Fred Roberson '62

2007: W. Seymour Holt '49

2008: Don Fish '60

2009: Edgar J. Boone

2010: Faye Strickland Griffin '64 and Dr. Rodney S. Foth

2011: Robert Beck '53

2012: Professor J. Craig Eller

2013: Ed Woodhouse '56

The Distinguished Alumnus Award
est. 1978

This award, presented during Alumni Weekend, is given to an alum who is an outstanding ambassador of Louisburg College, personifies the highest values on which the College was founded, and is renowned in his or her community, family, and church.

Past recipients are:

1978: Carol Bessent Hayman '45

1981: Charles H. Mercer '38

1985: Betty H. Smith '42

1987: Margaret Weston Hoyle

1990: Patrick W. Carlton '57

1991: William D. Moon '45

1992: Roger G. Taylor '68

1993: James Suggs '75

1994: Anne Edens Pickard '57

1995: Ervin L. Williams '84

1996: Willard A. Dickerson '63

1997: James Floyd Ammons, Jr. '75

1998: Russell '54 and Clara Frazier '55

1999: Bobby '48 and Lida Couch Davis '49

2001: Helen Ayscue Bonner '48

2003: John F. Strotmeyer, Jr. '68

2004: Willard Britton Cobb '69

2005: Mike Boddie '77

2006: Dorothy Kennedy Honeycutt '45 and Mary Strowd Ward Riggsbee '45

2007: Horace Jernigan '47

2008: R.C. Hunt '75

2009: Douglas Edwards '53

2010: Mary Ruth Edwards Snyder '50 and Grady King Snyder '50

2011: Dr. Charles Douglas Bryant, Sr. '47

2012: Max Reese '73 and John & Sue Lewis '69

2013: Joe Mobley '69

The Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
est. 1993

This award, presented during Alumni Weekend, recognizes and honors an alum who has graduated within the past 20 years and who has achieved significant accomplishments in a profession or in the community.

Past recipients are:

1993: Sonia Galloway Griswold '83

1994: Rhodrick W. Gray '90

1995: Martin Thorne '86

1996: William L. Melvin '86

1999: Haven Cooper '84

2002: Ken Griswold '84

2003: Allen M. Murphy '98

2004: Stephanie Buchanan '97

2005: Josh Rupe '02

2006: Scott Riggs '91

2007: Cherie Mills '05

2008: Randy Everett '95

2009: Michael Murray '97

2010: Tara Simone Brown '91

2011: Brian McCants '91

2012: Travis Cherry '96 and William Bryant Fields, II '01

2013: Leewyn Kellam '96

Henry Douglass "Doug" Lindsay III '66
Young Alumnus Service Award

est. 2011

This service award honors an alum who has graduated within the past 20 years and demonstrated extraordinary service to Louisburg College through the commitment of time and effort on its behalf.

2011: Kyle Perkins '07

2012: Stephanie Tolbert '97

2013: Thomas Wardrick '90

The Allen de Hart Humanitarian Award

The new Allen de Hart Humanitarian Award was established in 2013 in honor of former Louisburg College professor Allen de Hart, for whom it will be names in perpetuity. This award recognizes a visionary alum or member of the community who is renowned for a breadth of creative endeavors and lasting accomplishments that serve and uplift humanity.

2013: Allen de Hart

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