Student Life

Student Life Assistant


HOURS NEEDED: Flexible schedule

DUTIES: Labeling and assisting in managing Conference Keycards; labeling folders; inputting immunization records; upkeep of vehicle fleet including cleanliness, mileage count, maintenance; assist with Student Activities and Student Life publicity by distributing flyers and posters on campus; upkeep and organization of storage room; answering phones when needed; assist Office Manager with errands and upkeep of office equipment as needed; contribute positive attitude toward campus vibrancy; other duties as assigned.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Punctuality; must be organized and able to complete detailed projects; must be professional and set a good example for other students on campus.


Front Desk Assistants for Dorms


HOURS NEEDED: W - SAT Shift 1(8-11pm) Shift 2(11pm to 2am)

DUTIES: Responsible for picking up front desk binder and phone from Student Engagement Office in Jordan Center on scheduled work days; hand over binder and phone at change of shift; return binder and phone the following day; check in students; check-in guests of resident within visitation hours; registering all overnight guests; recording routine and emergency activities in staff log.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Maintain a professional attitude and manner on and off campus; know and understand college and residence hall policies and procedures and be able to interpret them effectively; support and participate in the evaluation and implementation of College Residence Hall policies; ability to facilitate openness and honesty in the communication between students, Desk Attendants, RCC's, the Student Life Office and entire College community; be able to hold students accountable for guest visitation and escort policies; abide by dress code; monitor and maintain a professional online presence; able to balance academics with work and personal well being.


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