Student Life

Student Life Assistant


HOURS NEEDED: Flexible schedule

DUTIES: Labeling and assisting in managing Conference Keycards; labeling folders; inputting immunization records; upkeep of vehicle fleet including cleanliness, mileage count, maintenance; assist with Student Activities and Student Life publicity by distributing flyers and posters on campus; upkeep and organization of storage room; answering phones when needed; assist Office Manager with errands and upkeep of office equipment as needed; contribute positive attitude toward campus vibrancy; other duties as assigned.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Punctuality; must be organized and able to complete detailed projects; must be professional and set a good example for other students on campus.


Resource Desk Assistant

Hours and Shifts:

  • There are two shifts, 7pm-10pm and 10pm-1am. The Resource Desk will be staffed each night Sunday through Thursday. An RDA will typically work one to two shifts per week.


  • There will be one resource desk location. It will be set up each night outside the Student Life Office on Davis first floor.

Purpose of Position:

  • RDAs will serve as an additional point of contact for all residential students in a central location (outside of the Student Life Office in Davis Hall) after regular business hours.
  • RDAs will serve as a liaison between students and on-call staff.
  • RDAs will be an “information center” for residents being able to provide details on campus events, programs, procedures, and campus/community resources.
  • RDAs will provide occasional administrative support for Student Life staff members for tasks which can be completed while staffing the Resource Desk during their shift.

RDA Job Duties:

  • Staff the resource desk which will be set up outside of the Student Life Office between the hours of7:00pm and 1:00am, Sunday - Thursday (comprising two three-hour shifts).
  • Set up and take down resource desk at the start and end of each night's shifts.
  • Contacting on-call Student Life staff (RAs/CDs) or Campus Police when a student needs assistance or other times when appropriate.
    • A duty phone will be provided to be used for outgoing calls only and for official college business.
  • Be knowledgeable of campus events, resources, and procedures.
  • Assist in collecting, organizing, and disseminating campus information to students
    • A resource binder will be created and maintained for the RDAs which will contain up-to-date information on campus events, resources, and procedures.
  • Work on administrative tasks as assigned by a Student Life Staff member

Position Requirements:

  • Be eligible for Federal Work Study Program including maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Not currently on Conduct Probation through the Dean of Students Office and maintain that status while employed.
  • Be available to work at least one of the stated shifts in the job description.
  • Be able to provide a high level of customer service to students, faculty, and staff
  • A positive and professional attitude

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Minimum wage (paid through the Federal Work Study program, a maximum of $500 per semester is available per student).
  • Great work experience gaining skills in customer service and administrative tasks
  • Possible professional development opportunities which may be available through the Office of Student Life.

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