Science Department

Lab Assistant


HOURS NEEDED: One needed Tu & Th between 8am and 4pm and one M & W 2-4pm and Tu & Th between 1 and 4pm

DUTIES: Clerical duties such as making copies, filing, picking up supplies from mail room and delivering packages. In the lab, assistant will wash glassware, set and strike labs under instructor supervision, prepare and top off solutions, bring ice and solutions from dining hall; and assist professors in organizing classrooms, labs and other student areas.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Should be responsible, able to prioritize and accept direction. Neat handwriting, good memory and organizational skills also a plus.

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: No specific experience needed.

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Botany Assistant


HOURS NEEDED: Field duties: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 1-4 PM (weather dependent)
Lab duties: weekdays between 8-4

DUTIES: Accompany our Botanist (Mr. Carey) to LC's DeHart Gardens to assist with routine tasks, and assist with lab preparation as needed.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: We are looking for a mature, reliable individual with a love of the outdoors. This is a great position for a non-traditional student.

  • Must be able to work outside in periodic hot or cold weather conditions
  • Active and capable of a physical workload
  • Ability to work semi-independently and trustworthy

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: None. A General Science, Second year student preferred.

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