Norris Theatre

Theatre Technical Design, Construction and Support Team


HOURS NEEDED: Hours are flexible, some weekend work

DUTIES: We have literally thousands of items with years of neglect to clean up, organize, and make available for our theatre productions this year. We need people to organize and clean up the costume rooms, the set shop, the storage area underneath the JPAC, and the light booth. We need them to work on the set pieces, props, and miscellaneous items we have accumulated over the years. The light booth is a mess, and we need to prepare to receive our new lighting system, our new sound system, and our new backstage communication system this year. My workers will learn all these systems and be ready to teach others about them too. Together, we will design sets, lights, and sound for several shows this fall and spring. My students will also participate in running these systems during shows if they are not on stage.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: I need smart, creative, and talented people for these tasks. You must be able to lift 50 pounds, have no fear of heights or dark spaces - or dust -, and possess a willingness to accomplish great things while getting dirty doing so. You must be able to work on your own with minimal direction or supervision, and follow directions. Above all, you must be willing to learn. A good attitude and a love of theatre is also desirable - and probably necessary.

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Previous technical theatre experience is highly preferable but it is not required.

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