Office Worker


HOURS NEEDED: Flexible - would prefer morning hours and someone in office when I am in class on Thursdays from 12- 1 pm


  • Transfer information from SOAR cards to Excel database
  • Research college websites in NC to update database of pertinent information (tuition/fees, Open Houses, application deadlines, etc.
  • Design and distribute fliers announcing Great Futures events in residence halls, Taft, library, etc.
  • Assist students with basic transfer information and setting up appointments when I am not in the office
  • Transfer information from graduates' exit surveys to Excel database
  • File all new information from colleges in files
  • Make list of students interested in top 5 majors based on SOAR information cards to invite to information interviewing sessions
  • Search other college websites for information to add to the LC Great Futures website
  • Design and distribute personal invitations to students for informational interviewing sessions, NACAC college fair, college tours, etc.
  • Research information and design graduation slide show
  • Assist in the preparation for workshops/class i.e. making copies, stapling, developing PowerPoint presentations
  • Assist in the development of information sheets for ACA 122 faculty to students regarding college tours, transfer counselor visits, college Open Houses, application deadlines, etc.
  • Promote Great Futures activities/events/programs
  • Utilize social media to track LC alumni

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Professionalism, creativity, motivation, initiative, and organization

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Application Form