Chapel/Office of Spiritual Life

Administrative/Liturgical Assistant


HOURS NEEDED: Six (6) Hours weekly: Mondays (2 hrs.), Tuesdays (2 hrs.) and Thursdays (2hrs.)


  • Helping with weekly preparation of bulletins for worship and printed material for other events as needed
  • Ensuring worship space, conference room and lobby is kept neat and tidy and in a state of readiness for use (this in addition to the cleaning Housekeeping supplies)
  • Serve as liaison between Chaplain and student body when Chaplain not in office, i.e. taking and relaying messages, helping set appointments, answering general inquiries regarding the OSL, and referring matters to Chaplain as needed and on a timely basis
  • Helping with the filing and record keeping of minutes and other documentation for CLC meetings and others
  • Helping to promote and participating in events sponsored by the OSL/CLC, e.g., Baccalaureate services
  • Other duties as the needs arise

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: The candidate must demonstrate a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and ongoing attention to the development of Christian character by involvement in some, if not all of the following:

  • Active member of Christian Life Council (CLC)
  • Frequent attendance at Tuesday worship services
  • Participant in at least one of the weekly Bible studies offered on campus
  • Supporter of OSL's functions and events inclusive of the Chosen Generation Gospel Choir's concerts
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Good filing skills
  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Word , Excel, Publishing software
  • Good reputation among faculty, staff and fellow students (references may be required)
  • Knowledge of how the Student Government Association works and its structure
  • Good communication skills - both written and oral

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Some experience with filing and organizing of filing systems needed. Also, experience with the publication of bulletins, flyers, reports, etc., using Microsoft Word, Publishing and Excel Spreadsheets is most helpful.

Application Form