Federal Grants and Work Study

To apply for need-based financial aid, you must complete the steps in the Financial Aid Checklist.

The following programs are distributed to students on the basis of need. Grants are aid that you do not have to repay. You may qualify for federal loan programs, which may be included in your financial aid package. Work-Study is awarded on the basis of need and you are paid monthly through direct deposit if you are chosen for a work study position with Louisburg College.

Consideration for these awards is automatic upon completion of the FAFSA and the Financial Aid Checklist, as instructed above.

Program Award Amount Deadline and Notes
Federal Pell Grant Up to $5,775 N/A
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) N/A Limited Availability
Federal Work-Study: FWS is awarded based on need and is paid directly to the student through direct deposit into a checking or savings account (student must complete the following forms: W4, I9, and be completed through e-verification) Students may choose to make payments on their student accounts using their FWS wages. $1,000 Limited Availability; complete online Work-Study Application if awarded in your financial aid package