The Louisburg College
Reading Lab

Amy C Johnson, Director


Taft 212


Monday through Thursday 8:30-4:00

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The Louisburg College Reading Lab is open to all students at Louisburg College. The Lab provides students with a separate, quiet place with the appropriate computer hardware to complete lessons on the Reading Plus program the college uses. Students work at their own pace and at their own reading comprehension levels. Feedback is provided immediately as students work through the lessons and activities in Reading Plus. All students enrolled in Eng 097 are required to utilize the Lab weekly. The lessons and activities stress comprehension, vocabulary building, and silent reading fluency.

The Eng 097 instructors will introduce students to the policies and uses of the Reading Lab, and will instruct students in Reading Plus at the beginning of the semester. If a student is not enrolled in Eng 097 and wishes to use the Lab, the director will provide login instructions, training in the Reading Plus program and monitor the student's progress.