Karen Martin

Karen Martin, M.A., Clinical Psychology

Karen Martin is the director for both the Learning Partners Program and Accessibility Services at Louisburg College. Prior to becoming the director in 2008, Karen was employed as a full-time learning specialist in the Learning Partners program, where she specialized in coaching students with AD/HD on organization, time management, and self-determination skills. Additionally, Karen teaches a course in General, Abnormal, or Child Psychology most semesters. Her past experiences as both a student and a financial aid counselor at Louisburg College give her a unique perspective.

Karen received her A.A. degree from Louisburg College, her B.A. in Psychology from Peace College, and her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from North Carolina Central University, summa cum laude. As part of the practicum requirement for her master’s degree, she completed an internship at Whitaker School in Butner, NC, doing psychotherapy and psychological testing for adolescents. She is also interested in the relationship between psycho-educational testing and intervention strategy. Her master’s thesis focused on college students with learning disabilities and AD/HD, SAT scores, and the influence of academic supports on student outcomes.

Contact Karen at:
Taft 111
Phone: 919-497-3403

Administrative Assistant to Director of Learning Partners and Accessibility Services

Kris Capps

Kris Capps

Kris Capps provides administrative support to the director of Learning Partners (LP) and Accessibility Services (AS), allowing the office to run smoothly and efficiently. She manages the day-to-day responsibilities of the office, including scheduling, coordinating, and proctoring tests for Learning Partners students.

Kris comes to Louisburg College with over thirty-two years of experience ranging from process re-engineering, cross functional leadership, multi-level information problem solving, domestic engineering, dispatch and teaching. She has obtained broad experience in curriculum planning, human resources, customer relations, finance and planning, and facility utilization. She obtained the majority of her professional training and skills while at IBM until she chose to be a stay at home mom and homeschool both of her children. She returned to the workforce and was employed by the Wake County Public School System, working first as a Behavior Support Specialist for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges, and then as a Special Education Assistant that managed, organized, and maintained the Student Support Center, just prior to coming to Louisburg College.

Contact Kris at:
Taft 107
Phone: 919-497-3236
Fax: 919-496-6733

Learning Specialist

Kaye Yadusky

Kaye Yadusky, M.A.

Kaye Yadusky serves as both a learning specialist and as Coordinator of Development and Student Programming for the Learning Partners Program. Yadusky accepted a full-time position in Learning Partners in January 2006. She specializes in reading and written language, but is also experienced with coaching students in Science, Math, and the Humanities. In recognition of the importance of relationship to learning, Yadusky has established several programs to build community and create more opportunities for students to feel enthusiastic about learning independently and collaboratively.

Yadusky received her B.A. in English from Campbell University, and her M.A. in English from the University of Maine, and has completed a number of graduate courses in Education and Ethics. She has taught college English courses for over twenty years and is skilled in assisting diverse learners to better comprehend essential writing and reading comprehension elements. Her career-long focus on conferencing with students as an essential element of instruction enables her to identify each student's unique set of strengths and offer strategies to further develop them as they work toward their academic and career goals.

Contact Kaye at:
Taft 110
Phone: (919) 497-3335

Learning Specialist

Nicole Stovall

Nicole Stovall, M.Ed.

Nicole Stovall has served as a Learning Specialist for the Learning Partners Program since August 2011. Stovall worked part-time during the 2011-12 school year, but with the growth of the program, she accepted a full-time position with the Learning Partners program beginning in the fall of 2012. She has experience working with students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, coaching them both academically and socially, and she has adapted these skills in her work as a learning specialist serving college students with Learning Disabilities and AD/HD. Nicole received both her B.A. in Sport Management and M.Ed. in School Counseling from Liberty University. Since then she has gained experience in the public school setting where she worked in multiple special education programs. Nicole hopes to continue serving diverse learners at Louisburg College through coaching, individualized instruction, and assistive technology.

Contact Nicole at:
Taft 108
Phone: (919) 497-3299

Learning Specialist, Instructor

Robin Faulkner

Robin Faulkner, M.Ed., M.S.A.

Robin serves as a Learning Specialist faculty member with Louisburg College after having worked for 30 years as an educator in the high school setting. In her roles as English teacher, guidance counselor, and principal at Bunn High School, Robin had the opportunity to work with diverse students with a variety of learning needs. Her experience includes teaching academic skills, guiding students in college and career decisions, administering and interpreting standardized tests, and providing support to families. Robin also worked closely with the Exceptional Children’s Department in order to ensure that students received the appropriate educational resources and accommodations needed to be successful in high school.

Robin’s academic background includes a B.A. from Meredith College, M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling from N.C. State University, and a M.S.A. in School Administration from N.C. State. A native of Franklin County, she enjoys the opportunity to work now at Louisburg College, the institution to which she referred many students as they graduated from high school.

Contact Robin at:
Taft 110
Phone: 919-497-3302

Part-Time Learning Specialist, Instructor

Cherry Ayscue

Cherry Ayscue, M.Ed

Cherry serves as a Part-Time Learning Specialist faculty member with Louisburg College, having worked for 36 years as an educator at Louisburg High school. In her role as guidance counselor, Cherry had the opportunity to work with a diverse student body with a variety of learning needs. Her experience includes coordination and implementation of guidance curriculum, assisting students in individual planning to meet personal and career goals, providing responsive services to meet student needs through individual and group counseling, consultation with parents and educators, and collaboration and referrals. Cherry worked closely with the Exceptional Children’s Department in order to ensure that students received the appropriate educational resources and accommodations they were entitled to receive.

Cherry’s academic background includes a B.A. and then a M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as 6th year certification in School Counseling and Educational Supervision from N.C. State University. Cherry is also certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. A native of Vance County, she has enjoyed returning to Louisburg College where she was first employed in 1978 as a Resident Advisor.

Contact Cherry at:
Taft 108
Phone: 919-497-3398

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