Learning Services

Louisburg College is committed to offering an individualized approach to higher education. By recognizing that every student comes to college with different learning needs and experiences, we have established a wide range of free and fee-based services to meet each student's individual needs. From extensive instructor access, to division-run tutoring labs, students at Louisburg College do not have to look far to find academic support. In addition, Learning Services offers a comprehensive academic tutoring program called Learning Partners, and coordinates accommodations for individuals through the Accessibility Services Office. Whether students are looking for occasional assistance with homework, or desire a more comprehensive approach to building academic skills as they transition into college, they will find that help at Louisburg College where opportunities abound.

Extensive Instructor Access

Our small student-to-professor ratio, our "out of the classroom" access to instructors, and our supportive academic atmosphere ensure personal attention and encourage success in each individual student. Academic assistance is always easy to find at Louisburg, whether the student needs help with Math, Science or Humanities. Our faculty ideals are student-centered and teaching-focused. Find an instructor's contact information by clicking here.

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Accessibility Services Office

Louisburg College is also committed to providing each student, regardless of ability, with an equal opportunity for success. All students with a documented disability, whether it's a physical, mental, psychological or learning disability, are guaranteed equal access to all programs and will be provided reasonable accommodations and services at no cost to the student. The Accessibility Services Office is open year round to answer questions and make sure adequate accommodations are provided to all students.

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The Learning Partners Program

Along with this list of free academic and disability support services, Louisburg College also offers Learning Partners, a fee-based academic support program for college students with documented learning disabilities (LD) or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). This unique program provides students with additional private academic coaching and instruction with a trained learning specialist. Students who qualify are partnered with a primary learning specialist who meets with them privately at least twice a week during the academic year. The focus of Learning Partners is building learning strategies and self-advocacy skills appropriate to the college environment.

The Learning Partners program helps students set goals, develop discipline, and gain understanding of their own learning strengths and weaknesses. It helps students become more comfortable advocating for themselves and develop learning skills that foster independence. This is accomplished through coaching, testing, counseling, and personalized instruction.

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Additional Academic Resources

Louisburg College distinguishes itself from most post-secondary institutions by centering on student learning and emphasizing the importance of relationship in successful learning. In keeping with this mission, the College offers numerous academic resources to supplement classroom instruction. Academic assistance and resources are available in the Math Lab, the Writing Center, the Science Center, and the Reading Center. The Campus services are all staffed by faculty members.

All of these services are provided at no additional cost to students and are available by scheduled appointment and unscheduled walk-ins to ask a question about homework, to get assistance with a specific assignment or problem, or to get feedback and additional instruction. Many students take advantage of the "study hall" atmosphere and the up-to-date technologies the on-campus resources offer to study and complete homework assignments.

Open Monday-Thursday and some Fridays, the Writing Center is available to assist students with any and all writing assignments and research projects in the English courses and across the curriculum. The Math Lab is open daily to assist students with all Math courses. As well, students can arrange to work specifically with their own instructor in the Math Lab, or choose to work with another member of the faculty, as scheduling permits. Both of these resources are conveniently located in the Taft Classroom Building.

While the Science Center is located in the Franklin Science Building, it is not limited to geography. In addition to office hours, individual Science instructors offer supplemental assistance to students through regularly scheduled help and study sessions and offer individual and group coaching by request. The Reading Center is formed around courses designed to improve reading comprehension and is available to students by way of the English Department.

Louisburg College Faculty and Staff are committed to providing all students with every possible opportunity to succeed. The Math Lab and Learning Centers are designed to provide an accessible and complete learning support system to ensure that each student has more than enough opportunity to achieve his or her academic goals.

For more information on any of the Academic Support programs, please click on the links on this page. You may also contact our office by phone or email to have your specific questions answered. We welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can further individualize our programs to meet your specific learning needs.

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