How to Qualify for Accessibility Services

1. Make an Appointment

Contact the Accessibility Services Office to set up an intake interview with the director to discuss your needs. Our offices are located in the bottom floor of the Taft Classroom Building, on the left near the elevator, rooms 107 and 111. You are welcome to stop by, call, or email to schedule an appointment.

Call: 919.497.3236

2. Submit Disability Documentation for Review

Students are asked to submit documentation of the disability being disclosed to Accessibility Services before the intake interview. Failing to bring documentation will slow the process of determining reasonable accommodations.

The director of Accessibility Services reviews student documentation to determine whether the student’s condition qualifies as a disability at Louisburg College. Disability determination is based on a combination of the student’s description of need, the thoroughness of the disability documentation, and documentation guidelines developed by Accessibility Services. If further documentation is needed, the student will be notified by Accessibility Services staff.

Disability Documentation Notes:

  • For guidelines on what information is needed to document a specific disability at Louisburg College, please click on the appropriate “Disability Guidelines” link on this page.

  • Providing documentation of disability is the responsibility of the student. In general, the less obvious the disability, the more information is required to assess a student’s needs and make accommodation recommendations. Documentation should be recent (3 years old or less), relevant and comprehensive and, where appropriate, contain test scores and interpretation (e.g. learning disability). If the original documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability or reasonable accommodation, the college has the discretion to require additional documentation. Any cost incurred in obtaining additional documentation is also borne by the student.

  • Pending the receipt of appropriate documentation, Louisburg College reserves the right to deny services or accommodations to those who fail to meet the legal and professional definitions of “disabled” in this college environment. Students who feel that they have been unfairly denied services may file a grievance with the Vice President of Academic Life.

3. Intake Interview

During the intake interview, the student and director discuss the student’s expressed needs and concerns. A brief medical and educational history is compiled. Service eligibility, disability documentation and possible accommodations are discussed. A service plan is developed and agreed upon by the student and director. If appropriate, a form is signed to enable Accessibility Services staff to disclose accommodation eligibility to the student’s instructors. Methods of informing instructors of accommodations and utilizing accommodations are discussed.

4.Review Accommodations

Students will need to schedule an appointment with the director before or at the beginning of each semester to review accommodations and update disclosure release forms so that they apply to a student’s new set of instructors.

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