To be considered for admission to the Learning Partners program, applicants must complete the steps listed below. Please note that students who register for Learning Partners through the Registrar without completing the application process will NOT be enrolled in the program until they have fulfilled these steps:

1. Gain acceptance to Louisburg College.

2. Submit a complete psycho-educational report conducted by a professional who is certified/licensed to diagnose learning disabilities or AD/HD within the last three years. The evaluator's name, title, and professional credentials and affiliation must be provided. The evaluation must include:

  • Assessment of intellectual ability
    • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS-IV) with all subtest standard scores provided. Standard scores for Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed Indices must be provided as well.
    • Kaufman Adult Intelligence Test (KAIT)
    • Please note that the WISC-IV will not be accepted.
  • Assessment of educational achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics, and written language.
    • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Educational Achievement (WJ-III)
    • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)
  • A statement indicating diagnosis of a specific learning disability and/or AD/HD based upon at least an average full-scale intelligence quotient.
  • To qualify for Learning Partners, applicants must show documentation of average or above average overall aptitude. Students with full-scale aptitude standard scores of less than average are not appropriate for Learning Partners.

3. Submit two Teacher Evaluations

  • One evaluation must be submitted from a teacher in the student’s area of academic difficulty.
  • Both evaluations must be completed by teachers who have taught the student within the past two years.

4. Submit completed Learning Partners Application

  • In the personal statement section, applicants should discuss how he or she learns, strategies that have aided academic achievement, educational and career goals, and motivation to succeed. Personal statements should be written legibly, in the applicant’s own words and approximately one page in length.

5. Most recent I.E.P. or 504 plan

6. Interview

  • If, after careful review of the applicant’s completed file of materials, it appears that he/she meets the program guidelines, an on-campus interview will be scheduled. This interview will provide the opportunity for applicants to meet personally with Learning Partners representatives to discuss goals, learning differences and expectations before a formal decision is made to accept the student into the program.

Mail or fax all materials to:
Louisburg College Learning Partners
501 North Main Street, Louisburg, NC 27549
FAX: 919.496-6733 | PHONE: 919.497.3236

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