Ordering Transcripts

PLEASE READ: TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS SUBMITTED AFTER WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 2017 AT 3:00 PM EST WILL BE PROCESSED ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 2nd, 2018 WHEN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES RE-OPEN. Note that if your financial account with the College is not clear (i.e., you have a financial hold), your transcript request will NOT be processed unless and until you have cleared the hold. As Financial Services will also not be available during the Winter Break, this may cause additional delays in your request being honored.

Please refer to the College Catalog (http://www.louisburg.edu/CATALOG2017-18.pdf) on pages 33 and 57 for additional information.

Be sure if you want your transcript to be sent out AFTER final grades are posted to select the option "After Grades are Posted" in processing options.

Beginning June 1, 2016, Louisburg College is pleased to offer official transcripts in electronic and postal mail delivery formats through its partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse. Any student who attended Louisburg College after 1995 may select a transcript in either delivery format. Any student who attended Louisburg College in 1995 or prior will only be able to select transcripts in postal mail delivery format. Your transcript is the official, permanent, academic record of all the courses you have attended. The official transcript contains notations of degree pursued, degree earned, and academic honors received.

Transcript Processing Time

Processing time will take 3-5 business days. Orders placed around holidays or peak periods such as registration may take longer to process. Please review the College’s academic calendar for holidays, registration days, and administrative office closings. Transcripts are not processed or mailed on days the College is closed.


The National Student Clearinghouse will allow for different ordering options, including mail, hold for pickup, e-mail, and overnight mail, which all differ by price and are available for selection during the transcript request process. Please note when ordering that the "recipient" that you indicate through Student Clearinghouse is the ONLY individual or institution that Louisburg College may release your transcript to. While you can add separate recipients during the transcript request process, we may not include additional recipients after the submission has been made.

For e-mail/electronic transcripts: Please note that if the student places their e-mail address in as the recipient contact, this may cause delays if the transcript is instead meant to be sent to another individual or institution. While the Registrar's Office does review all requests, this could lead to the student downloading the transcript via their e-mail and then the individual or institution no longer accepting the transcript as official. If this occurs, the Registrar's Office would require another transcript request to be able to send the official transcript to the correct recipient.

For pick-up transcripts: Note that if you request a transcript to be printed and held at Louisburg College for pickup in the Registrar's Office, your transcript will be marked "in process" when it has been printed and "sent" when you have picked up the transcript. Also note that you will need identification - such as a driver's license or other photo ID - in order to verify your identity before the transcript will be handed to you.

Financial Holds

Any financial hold will prevent a transcript order from being fulfilled. Louisburg College reserves the right to withhold academic transcripts in the event of an outstanding obligation owed, which includes a failure to pay tuition or outstanding balances, and/or a default on any federal student loan (including a Federal Perkins Loan). If a student has a hold on his/her account, the student will be given the contact information for the office that placed the hold and must clear the hold in order for transcript processing to proceed.

Note that the Student Clearinghouse will only keep a transcript request for thirty (30) days after the transcript request was submitted. If you are placed on a financial hold and do not pay off this hold before the thirty (30) day limit, the Student Clearinghouse will cancel your order. This does NOT refund your money and you will be asked to submit another transcript request before the Registrar's Office may send your transcript. This will result in paying the transcript request fee twice. To avoid this scenario, please be sure to contact the Financial Services billing representatives to ensure your account is clear before requesting a transcript.

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