How to Request Transcripts

In order to get a copy of your academic transcript, you will need to write to us. Your signature is required. You may download our printable Transcript Request Form or you may just write an informal note. You need to tell us your full name, dates of attendance, Social Security Number or date of birth, information on where to send the transcript, and you need to sign the request. Please enclose the required $10.00 fee. You may pay by cash, money order, or check. If you pay by check, there is a ten work-day delay. Our address is:

Louisburg College
Registrar's Office
501 N Main St.
Louisburg, NC 27549-2399

If you wish to fax your request, the registrar's fax number is 919.497.3107. If you do choose to fax the request, you will need to call the business office at 919.497.3262 to charge the fee on a Visa or MasterCard.

Business Hold for Academic Transcripts

Louisburg College reserves the right to withhold academic transcripts in the event of an outstanding obligation owed, which includes a failure to pay tuition or outstanding balances, and/or a default on any federal student loan (including a Federal Perkins Loan).

If you have further questions, please call our office at 919.497.3232.