Graduation/Completion/Transfer-out Rate

Directly related to its mission, Louisburg College has achieved a combined 78 percent success rate in helping its students graduate and/or transfer to other institutions of higher learning. The rate represents the latest four-year (2003-2006) student cohort group average for all new First-Time Full-Time Students in the Fall of each Cohort Year.

This rate indicates:

1. successful completion of an associate degree from Louisburg College,


2. transfer to another accredited institution of higher learning to work on another degree.

Louisburg College Proudly States:
Within a year of graduation, 92 percent of all graduates successfully transfer to a college/university to begin their four-year bachelors degree.

Follow this link to gain additional Student-Right-To-Know information regarding graduation, transfer-out, academic, admissions, athletic equity, and other related data.

(Report Date: December 2010)