Lee (Beasley) Loftis, 30, grew up in the town of Louisburg. When it came time to think of life after high school, there was only one place on her mind - Louisburg College. "Growing up in Louisburg, I loved the campus," Loftis says. "I knew many of the professors, I knew the campus, the students. It felt like home to me." So home to college it was for Loftis.

She studied hard and earned her Associate of Science Degree, then went on to the School of Pharmacy at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. She majored in biology with a minor in chemistry, and then stayed on to complete her doctorate in pharmacy.

She found that her preparation at Louisburg was perfect for her later academic career. "I got an excellent background in science that prepared me for my studies at Campbell," she says. "The small classes at Louisburg were helpful in getting individual attention and the faculty were very knowledgeable and well trained. Louisburg had all of the prerequisite courses that I needed to transfer into the pharmacy program at Campbell."

Loftis currently lives in Marshall, NC, north of Asheville, with her husband. She is the Pharmacy Assistant Manager at a WalMart in nearby Waynesville. She doesn't get to visit the Louisburg campus often, living so far away, and misses the hometown warmth and hospitality of the town. She highly recommends Louisburg for students looking to get a strong start on their academic careers. "Students will get the absolute best foundation necessary to transfer for any type of degree," she says. "I would do it all over again."