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Budget Allocation

Budget: $2,225,757

Personnel (22.8%): Institutional Effectiveness Director; Professional Development Director; Title III Administrative Assistant; Faculty Pre-Major Champions (7); Professional Tutors (2); Instructional and Emerging Technologies Librarian; Faculty Tutors (4); Student Tutors (8)

Travel (5.6%): Visit peer and aspirant colleges and attend conferences to identify best practices related to assessment, instructional strategies, collaborative learning, use of technologies, interdisciplinary courses and academic support development

Equipment (17.3%): Interactive study stations for library collaboration (3), library detection system (2), technology resource kiosk for library, Smartboards for library commons and classrooms (7); IT core switch; CISCO catalyst upgrades and network switches

Supplies (18.5%): Wireless (campus-wide); Academic Support and Learning Centers: electronic attendance card readers (3), computer workstations (14), desktop computers (14), laptops (4); Student Collaboration Commons: computer workstations (27); desktop computers (27), instructor podium, instructor computer unit, 20 laptops; Classrooms & Labs: laptops (70) and mobile laptop carts (2); Professional Development Commons: 20 desktop computers; instructor podium, instructor computer unit, 2 Mac Pro, 2 Mac Pro Tools 10, 2 Mac Pro Tools Media Composer, projector, screen, printer, periodical holders,instructional supplies, subscriptions for print and electronic discipline specific professional journals

Contractual (8%): Title III consultant, professional development workshops, national peer reviews, information technology installations and consultants

Facilities Modification (4%): Enclosures/dividers for library including academic success lab, 2 peer tutoring labs and the professional development commons

Other (23.6%): CAMS Data Analytics, assessment results reporting tool, CAMS Mosaic (installation, training, maintenance), cloud storage license, web-based assessment tools (Collegiate Learning Assessment, College Student Experiences Questionnaire, Your First College Year)