"Defining Excellence," August/September 2012

We're very thankful for our faculty and staff members here at Louisburg, and one way we make that known here on campus is through "Defining Excellence" cards. These employee peer-recognition cards are displayed outside the faculty/staff mailroom to thank specific groups and individuals for their excellent efforts. (Have someone to thank or recognize? Blank cards can be found on the table in the employee mailroom; instructions are printed on the back.)

From: Cat Ziencik
To: The IT Team

IT Team

From: Jeannene Pacheco
To: IT Department

IT Department

From: Fonda Porter
To: Robert Strickland

Robert Strickland

From: Christine Knights
To: Brett Patton

Brett Patton

From: Terrie Blumenauer
To: The Football Team

Football Team

From: Candy Jones
To: Sheilah Cotten

Sheilah Cotten