Bill Boddie, Sr., 50, came to Louisburg College from Rocky Mount, NC, more than 30 years ago. He studied for an Associate of Arts degree then transferred to UNC Chapel Hill where he majored in business administration. He currently owns and runs a family business, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, in Nashville. Boddie-Noell operates more than 330 Hardee's Restaurants, among other ventures.

"When I came out of high school, I didn't know what I wanted," Boddie says. "My older brother was already at Louisburg, so several of us from Rocky Mount went there together. I studied harder than I ever studied anywhere. I also made the best grades ever and many close friendships. Louisburg helped me get my feet on the ground, get my study habits in line."

Boddie Family Fast forward 30 years ... college decision time for son, Bill Boddie, Jr. "I came to Louisburg because of my Dad," says Bill, Jr. "Dad transferred to UNC Chapel Hill afterward. That's what I want to do too. I know if I graduate from Louisburg, I can go anywhere. Louisburg was the only place I applied. I wanted to start small and move up later on."

Slow forward two more years ... college decision time for other son, Bunn. Guess what? Another Boddie becomes another "body" for Louisburg College. "I've always had one basic goal in life," says Bunn, "to be exactly like my Dad. It's ironic that we both came here, my brother and I. My Dad is my mentor, pretty much the person I want to be when I grow up. He's very successful in all that he does."

Bunn, too, wants to transfer to Chapel Hill, and both brothers plan to major in business administration. Down the road? Maybe the family business, maybe starting their own businesses. Who knows? They'll certainly have the genes and the right educational backgrounds to make a go of it no matter what they try.

Two generations of Boddies came to Louisburg for the small, close, personal attention and the great education that leads to productive next steps. "I encouraged the boys to go to Louisburg," Bill, Sr. says. "It's a small school, where everyone makes sure you get off to a good start. The teachers were always close by, they knew you. Louisburg was a great experience."